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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, January 31 to February 5, 2011

How quickly the week slips by when you're having so much fun.
To begin, here's Timmy Fretwork's first appearance from an October '04 Post Magazine, which I redrew three years later for the syndicated strip. Mr. Fretwork is based on about five real people.
Ha! Kids say the most awkward things! And they keep on doing it once they're adults.
 They're also impressed by all the wrong things, and ditto.
 I like the sootis so much I'm going to refer to them every chance I get. At least until some major studio latches onto them for a crowd-pleasing 3-D movie.
 I'd've liked to've heard that Snowpile song. I imagine it would've gone something like, "Snowpile, snowpile, Watch it grow, Snowpile, snowpile, Lots of snow!" Sung to Freight Train, of course.
 The hand sanitizer thing was pulled from real life, except for the part about it being arisanal and mole-scented.
This opens up all kinds of possibilities, maybe. There've been a few instances of Ernesto interacting with people other than Petey, which seems to point to his being a mass hallucination. Because no way can he be real.


proftempus said...

This was one of the best weeks in comics ever!

rouftop said...

Agreed, tying together Timmy Fretwork, the Sootis, and cartherding is a great accomplishment.

And on the seventh day... another rerun. :-)

paul bowman said...

I'm pretty sure I've met Ernesto.

paul bowman said...

I'm compelled to leave another comment, because the captcha that just popped up — I swear — is foing.

Christa said...

I hate to break this to everyone, but . . . Ernesto is not his "real" name, but he is also NOT imaginary. He is my cousin's oldest son. And yes, he is just as creepy in person.

MJB said...

Is "sootis" pronounced "soot-iss", "soot-eeze", or something else?