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Monday, February 28, 2011



habamom said...

Enjoying all your posts as usual. I haven't commented much but I'm around. FWIW.

Anywhoooo, followed the link to get me a closeup of that March sketch and got the following message:

"This website has been reported as unsafe

We recommend that you do not continue to this website.

This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.

More information

This website has been reported to contain the following threats:

Malicious software threat: This site contains links to viruses or other software programs that can reveal personal information stored or typed on your computer to malicious persons.

Learn more about phishing
Learn more about malicious software
Report that this site does not contain threats
Disregard and continue (not recommended) "

That Microsoft, they are so helpful...
I didn't follow any links, instead opting to put this in your lap :).

Let me know if I should "Report that this site does not contain threats."

richardcthompson said...

Hi Habamom.

I tried clicking on that image with no problem. I did it with and without having signed in to my google account and there was no difference. Thanks for letting me know. If it happens again please let me know again. I'm hoping it's just a one time random gltch.


acme said...

I have a haiku for you -- the last line reminds me of something from Cul de Sac a while ago . . .

Orphaned piles of snow
Crouch huddled, filthy, despised
Shopping-cart magnet

rouftop said...

This happened to us last week, and your poem immediately sprang to mind.

It's great to think of March as a clumsy oaf.