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Monday, January 17, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, January 1 Through 16, 2011

Time for another breathless sprint through several thousand Cul de Sacs.
Here ends the story of the epergne, until somebody finds it in the hall closet and drags it out again. I try to avoid making dad the clumsy, foot-in-mouth fallguy, but somebody's gotta handle those duties.
There are few times more fraught with drama at Blisshaven than Sharing Time. The intensity of competing to see who can share the most impressive item must bring the pressure in the classroom up to the level of the Marianis trench. It looks like Beni's brought in a spork. Bold move.
This better be good. This strip's needed a dog in it for years.
From what I can see, that is a really great drawing of a dog.
Petey's only other documented fight wasn't much to see, even if he did win it.
And if you'll check the previous link, you'll notice that Petey's already done a soil erosion diorama using actual dirt. Is no one doing continuity for this thing?
I always enjoyed it when teachers would give a class assignment that didn't involve just writing an essay or suchlike busywork. I had a 6th grade teacher who'd let me draw my homework if it was something like a vocabulary list; I'd define the word by illustrating it (helped my grade along I'm sure). I'm all for assignments that make room for anything up to and including interpretive dance.
I'm getting anxious to see this dog myself.
I changed the end of this at the last minute. Marco was originally saying, "No, but the reviews are good," which is, you know. not funny. When I changed it and made Marco's eyes big I should've changed Alice's line to, "Marco! Not you too!"
Here we see that dogs are fun to draw. Though not as fun as elephants.
This definition of erosion is, I think, technically accurate.
"Blurt" is a great onomatopoeia.
Blurting Alice may stick as a nickname.
That's twice in a row that Alice has had a meltdown. If it was always so dependable it might provide a useful and harnessable form of energy. But I wouldn't want to be the one to provoke her on a regular basis.


Philip Nel said...

Always enjoy your commentary on the strip, and love Cul de Sac! Every day, I read it twice — first on-line, and a second time in the newspaper (Kansas City Star). It's a great treat to see a classic being written — reminds me of when I would look forward to each day's new Calvin & Hobbes. So, thank you!

the cheese guy said...

I look forward to the new Cul de Sac each day.
I really liked the coloring on the Sunday strip.

Can't wait for the puppy! Ohh I am sure this will bring grief to The Otterloop family.