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Friday, October 15, 2010

Where I Am

At the OSU Cartoon Festival. Posting may be spotty.


Neil J Murphy said...

Well don't keep it a secret, give them a plug: http://cartoons.osu.edu/?q=content/festival-cartoon-art&query=&brand=default/

Sounds like a good time, and I love the idea of a 'triennial' event.

paul bowman said...

100th birthday of Krazy Kat, huh? There's an event to take note of.

rena said...

I am about to teach teachers about using graphic novels as a teaching tool. I riped out a Cul De Sac about the kids eating cereal at the end of which Petey says "With a little more angst the frog would make a great graphic novel." and want to show it in my PowerPoint along with another. I need permission and I need to find the thing on-line because I stupidly didn't date it - help?

richardcthompson said...

Hi Rena, try here- http://www.gocomics.com/culdesac/2010/10/17/

If that's too small for you I'll be posting it in black & white today. Thanks for using graphic novels in the classroom; if I'd had them in my classrooms as a kid I'd be a better person today.