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Monday, October 4, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, October 5 2010

Here's a cheap and easy way to draw a comic strip: use an old strip and slightly change the words so the joke part seems different! Keep this under your hat, because if other cartoonists find out about it or the syndicate learns of this, well, things could get ugly fast.

The above strip is semi-identical to one that ran on October 10, 2009, which is less than a year ago, so the gag isn't even cold in the grave yet and here I am exhuming it for another moldy run-through.

Really what happened was kind of funny- Haha, I laugh just typing about it! I liked that old strip and I wanted to draw it again, or at least the second panel of it, so I justified it by making it a flashback. Last year at this time I was having some issues with drawing, meaning in this case that the strip was more assembled than drawn, a photoshop Frankenstein's monster patched together of bits and pieces of drawing and lettering. So I wanted to try it again in hopes of getting it right this time. Though, I dunno, the crosshatching on the cannon is a little clumsy both times, so any improvement is pretty minimal. But I loved putting Dill in the cannon and I might do it again before another year's gone by. Maybe I can get a Christmas strip out of it.


the cheese guy said...

Thank you for being kind enough to recycle. I wish more cartoonist could be as funny the second time around!

Bill's Big Bamboo said...

Who knew cartooning was so easy ??

Now you can spend all afternoon on your boat, or at the club.

Marc Snyder said...

Speaking of drawing, you draw the most expressive speech balloon tails I have ever seen.

The Bug said...

LOVE Dill in the cannon. Or anywhere, really.

paul bowman said...

I'm waiting for you to just recycle the whole year (with subtle variations for subtle readers) every year, like the ecclesiastical calendar. — Come to think of it, you're sort of starting with the ecclesiastical calendar now. Very efficient!

hungrydog said...

That same strategy worked for Schulz for decades.