Sunday, September 26, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, September 26 2010

This is a subject I've been meaning to address for some time- the grocery store gumball machine array. Again, I thought it'd be fun to draw the ranks of gumball machines (and I wish I'd've overdone it a little more in the second panel) but also because those things can loom large in a child's mind. I remember trips to the grocery store when I was a kid where all the grocery shopping was just an irritating prelude to the moment when I got to put a nickel or a dime in a gumball machine. Though not really a gumball machine, as I was more often after some plastic novelty army man or gewgaw. And, of course, I was usually disappointed. 


Mike said...

And then when you get older, you can buy a lottery ticket and experience more or less the same outcome.

the cheese guy said...

or dating.... its the reason I got married.

Stay Puft said...

Poor Alice. Been there.