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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, October 1 2010

Uh huh, a shaggy bug crossing the street story. 

More TK. And if you have trouble reading this please let me know


The Bug said...

No trouble at all. Freaking hilarious - really!

Neil J Murphy said...
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Neil J Murphy said...

I did not see this coming. Very good.

Formatting: Still no problems, but in Firefox I never saw any. September 30th copy is no long a link, but Sept. 29th's still is.

Today's Capcha: 'scrathe', v. to lightly run the blade of a serrated knife along a surface without making a cut.

Tiffany prothero said...

Love it!! thanks for the afternoon chuckles. :D

Roto13 said...

I really like this one. :P

habamom said...

no more formatting troubles, and, as I said on gocomics, I LOVE Kevin's messed up hair in this one.