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Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Free Comic Book Day: Today's Poor Almanack, Plus Some Old Ones

Here's today's Poor Almanack. those below are from the last few years.

The Mangaloid Wars one still cracks me up. The rest less so.


Anonymous said...

I would read comic books if they were like these.

In the free time you have after working on Cul de Sac, the Almanack, and other illustration projects, I say you should write and draw comic books.

Dustin Harbin said...

HAW HAW HAW!! While I love to look at your drawing, you are SUCH AN UNDERRATED WRITER!! "The fight at the end is real expensive." If I had written that I would never stop showing it to all my friends, over and over, forever.

Kioskerman said...

I want the Nancy meets Godot story!

Ponto said...

Oh, I love "Sissy Boy Slap Party":