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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take a Poet to Lunch, Again

It's National Poetry Month, so here's something old and poetic.


Mike Lynch said...

Fresh oxen. Don't knock it til you've tried it!

Is it me or does Beowulf & Mom look a little like that Orangutan in those ANY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE Clint Eastwood movies?

Stacy Curtis said...

Beautiful artwork! I love it!

Emily said...

Princess Wideload! Ha! You're funny.

Dan said...

Beautiful, fun artwork. Great writing (as always) AND I love the way you letter your comics. Nobody does it better.

Cedar said...

I think this baby elephants looks a lot like Alice


Arkholt said...

I'll tell you one thing, your Grendel's mother is a lot more along the lines of what I picture when I read the book. Angelina Jolie is certainly NOT. A ridiculous movie that was. Hooray for the original!