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Monday, April 6, 2009

Scusi prego il mio italiano dei poveri

A tutti gli miei amici nella speranza dell'Italia- I siete bene. Ciao.


cico said...

Thank you, I hope you are well too! (:

I always read with much enjoyment your strips on Linus, and reading your blog gives me more than a weekly chuckle while I wait for the next issue.

Thank you again, keep up your great work!

La GiĆ¹ said...

Thanks, all of us in Italy are close to people in Abruzzo. And I'm glad to know that people like you are struck from what happened to our beautiful and wounded country.
It was such a great thing to discover Alice on Linus magazine, thanks again.

Paracarro said...

Hi Richard,
I'm Daniele, the owner of Facebook's Group devoted to your wonderful strip.
Luckily, I live very far from the earthquake center: but, of course, as everyone here I'm very worried for what was happened.
Thanks for your quite understandable ;-) and really appreciated words and for giving us such a joy through your fine art.

tommaso said...

Grazie a te Richard, finalmente un augurio sincero in questa valle di lacrime, non immagini davvero quanto faccia piacere :)

sav said...

Thanks Richard!

Eberybody here is tryin to help. It is nice to read your words.

Country Joe said...

Grazie Richard!