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Monday, March 23, 2009

What I'm Reading

When I should be drawing. I'm poring over Stay Tooned, despite it's distasteful and off-putting cover (John! I'm kidding! aha-ha-ha!). It's been said that Stay Tooned is edited and published by John Read with the combined energy, charm and talent of ten men, plus two. And it's true! In this issue, I especially enjoyed meeting up again with RJ Matson, who I knew when he was living in DC in the 80s, reading Tom Richmond's excellent advice on drawing, and Benita Epstein's chicken cartoon, which makes me laugh every time I think of it. And I enjoyed everything else, once I got past that cover (and skipped pages 70 to 78; sheer boilerplate*).

I've reread the Stephan Pastis interview by Tom Heintjes six times at least. It's funny, passionate, misanthropic, inspiring and even thrilling. Makes me want to quit my job and be a syndicated cartoonist. And there are at least 800 articles I haven't even gotten to yet. I shouldn't waste so much time drawing so I can catch up on my reading. I'm still only on page 85 of Great Expectations, and I bought the book a year ago next week.

*John! I'm still kidding!


John said...

I suppose this is where I'm supposed to tell you that the overwhelming response to this issue's cover art has been that it's Stay Tooned's best cover yet. Fine...I'll admit it's true - folks really do seem to like your art. And I guess I do, too, because this issue is selling faster than the first two.

Jesse C said...

that IS a great interview with Stephan, isn't it? I could read a whole book of his syndication story. I obviously knew how the story ends, but I was really routing for him.

You, Stephan and Mark Tatulli really are the best around. Congrats on the NCS nomination. I love all 3 comic strips, but I really hope you win.

Jesse C said...

wow I said "really" 3 times. I must really like using hyperbole


I really like the Stay Tooned issue...I'm glad I ordered them! It's so fun to read the who what and how form other cartoonists...I'm still waiting for my Hogans Alley to arrive at my local comic shop...
Tom and I go way back in Atlanta..I miss chatting with him about comics and stuff!! (sniff sniff)...
I love reading my Old Hogans Alley mags too...yeah no wonder I don't get as much work done either!!! LOL

John S. said...

Hey Richard;
I recently discovered your strip and became an instant fan Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how amazing your strip is. Best thing since Calvin and Hobbes, and I don't think I'm over stating it.
Thanks for showing us that the comics could be good again.

Mike Rhode said...

Geez, read something without pictures for a change, huh.

Just kidding of course - I'm waiting for the new Hogan's too, darn it. I finished Stay Tooned a few weeks ago.
The new Comics Journal has some interesting stuff in it.