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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today's Cul de Sac

This Sunday strip started out as a daily, but a sudden late-developing seismic shift turned it into Sunday, BOOM, just like that. I think it turned out OK, what with the looming Alice, but I wish I'd had time to rejigger the panels some more so the third panel was the only large one. I don't do enough panel jiggering, or fool around enough with panel shape and size and order, mostly because I'm easily confused by things like that and I don't want to drag my readers down with me. Also because the jokes in CdS, such as they are, are scattered around the strip so haphazardly that if a reader gets lost amongst the panels he or she might circle for days looking for a punchline.

And here's a bonus mystery panel from the coming Tuesday's strip, just to make things more interesting.


paul bowman said...

Great, now I won't be able to sleep until Tuesday, for wondering what that elephant is doing there.

angryparsnip said...

WOW, great petting zoo if it has an Elephant, or did Alice zoom off ?

Kioskerman said...

I like this strip so much.
The line in the big panel drawing makes me sigh.

will said...

Just the best elephants in the business..lovely stuff as usual.

Shanster said...

I was away from the keyboard for a day or so but I wanted to say Monday's strip was GREAT!

Tho my husband told me he thought the goats looked like dogs... he is only scornful because we HAVE goats which makes him feel a bit superior I suppose. HA!

We just had new baby goat-lets Sunday afternoon! What great timing you have!

Our goats don't have external ears - they are Lamanchas and have what is called a "gopher ear". Which sorta makes them look like Kermit the Frog or like they have grasshopper heads.

Maybe next goat strip you'd have fun drawing them! heh heh.

Muzition said...

Cul de Sac is the best comic!

When will there be a second collection of Cul de Sac comics in book form?