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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day SpecPatular, Again

I posted this last year too. Lazy, lazy. But wouldn't this make a fine novelty placemat for your Irish pub?

And here, I'll make this educational, if only tangentially.
In 1963, General Mills vice president John Holahan inventively discovered that Circus Peanuts shavings yielded a tasty enhancement to his breakfast cereal. General Mills formalized the innovation and created Lucky Charms, the first breakfast cereal to contain marshmallow bits (or "marbits"). -Wikipedia


David Hagen said...

Congratulations on your Reuben nomination for Best Newspaper Comic Strip!
Bring home the gold this year!!
It's well deserved!

angryparsnip said...

Congratulations on your nomination, you get my vote! and Happy St. Patrick's Day too.

My son an English Teacher in Japan works part-time in an Irish Pub in Nishinomiya, (Osaka) run by a very crazy but super fun Irishmen who came by way of Australia. . . Everyone is Irish for a day.

Zack Smith said...

More congrats on the Rueben nom!


Congrats..I know you'll win...ummm Don't tell Pastis I said that...hee hee hee

Arkholt said...

Yes, yes, more congrats. But, on that Wikipedia article, I must say: [citation needed]