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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

When Worlds Collide, Part Two

Since I've got nothing to say and no time to say it, I'll just post the week's Cul de Sacs. Here are Tuesday's and Wednesday's. A commenter on gocomics suggests the P.J. stands for pepperjack, which seems reasonable.


Kid Shay said...

In high school, I had a (in my opinion) entirely healthy fascination with Easter Island heads. It would have been thrilling to dine underneath the unblinking eyes of those stone monoliths.

Jesse C said...

Orange cole slaw definitely made me laugh this morning.

Patrick said...

In Tuesdays the place says however PJ Pehole's. Which would be something different all together. Though it may just be the angle.

Cedar said...

Oh God yes! I know that feeling when you're ordering food at a place like this, and you realize that everything is the exact same shape of orange-ish beige. I'll often an Oreo pie just to break things up a bit.