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Saturday, February 21, 2009

When Worlds Collide, Part Five

Here's the grisly finale to our little story.


paul bowman said...

Oh, thank you. When it turned out to be the party toothpick instead of the little sword, I was right there -- I was crushed. Had trouble concentrating all afternoon. -- But this makes it alright.

Kid Shay said...

This has been fun, reading the comic on your blog each day of the week. It's almost like...well, like reading it in the paper. But this way I appear to be doing work instead of reading comics online.

Serena said...

Too funny, always!



the strange thing is..this strip did NOT run in the Rocky Mtn news, DENVER CO...WHY!? did they freak out over something..they ran something else instead! WTF???
I was wondering why the story line was interrupted suddenly. Today was the show and tell strip..
Do you know why?

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Dad senses impending doom.