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Saturday, February 28, 2009

What Stephan Pastis Does While Waiting for his Tuna Sandwich

Stephan Pastis, the genius behind Pearls Before Swine, orders a tuna sandwich for lunch, and amuses himself unconstructively by doing this.


Hinzi said...

Yes, it's maybe even deconstructive, but fun. And its literature, and free speech.

And, yes, Petey has been neglecting his oboe.

paul bowman said...

Wasn't aware of Pastis' blog. — Or of that 'joint interview' you & he did recently. Kind of wish I could go to ComicCon & see you empaneled together. I expect that's going to be a good time.

Decur said...

Muy lindo los dibujos Richard,...me gustan muchos !
visita cuando quieras el mio:
Saludos desde Argentina

Jesse C said...

Richard, would you happen to have a transcript of that joint interview?

Dazy said...

These are just very innovative ideas for him to do while waiting. I just chat with my friends who are with me during that time. Only 2-3 times I remember to drop notes into the Suggestion Box.