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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today's Poor Almanack

Here's a slice of desperate graveyard humor for the imploding newspaper business. If they could only reposition themselves as something more necessary, newspapers might survive. Did you know that you can clean glass with a newspaper and white vinegar?



what kills me now is..with the ROCKY MTN. NEWS gone..the POST is the only kid in town...THEIR comics are even SMALLER than now cul de sac guessed it...even smaller...
sigh..well at LEAST I still can read it every day.. ;)

Ted Dawson said...

The RMN used to run my strip 7.5" across! Bigger than any other paper. What a mess.

I'm afraid newspapers have had this coming, after JOAs and Big Media ownership messed up the process of Natural Selection. They eliminated healthy competition.

Now we'll finally get to see nature take her course... and perhaps people who actually love newspapers will start new ones. Imagine it!

Ted Dawson said...

BTW, this is the PERFECT time for readers to start writing to the Post complaining that the comics are too small. You gotta catch the train when it's in the station!