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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Comic-Con Magazine

A few months back I did a joint interview with the below-mentioned genius, Stephan Pastis, for Comic-Con Magazine, courtesy of the gracious Gary Sassaman. Well, the whole magazine is online here. You can turn the pages and everything, and little lap cards fall out of your computer screen. You'll instantly notice that Stephan is better-spoken, better-groomed and generally more thoughtful than I am. I think he's taller, too.


brian said...

Cool...two of my favorite cartoonists in one interview. I bet the panel at comicon with the two of you would be a blast to see. Gonna have to see if I can't make it out to that!

Jesse C said...

Richard, thanks for posting this. you guys are my heroes

mark said...

My copy of that came in the mail the other day, but I've not even opened it yet.

Now, there's a reason to do so.

Darren said...

Great article! I didn't know Miss Bliss had her own comic book. She is multi-talented!

A Cuban In London said...

Good interview. It's always interesting to know the person behind the blogger.

Greetings from London.