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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Is It Thanksgiving Yet?

Not quite! But you can pretend it is with this handy Thanksgiving Parade in cartoon form. From about 1999; if I drew it today the Rugrats balloon would probably be Spongebob.


Ponto said...

There should also be a Dangers of Deep Frying Turkey Awareness float. It could feature a dramatic plume of flaming peanut oil and a guy in a turkey suit throwing little foam stress reliever fire extinguishers to the kiddies. It turns out that thousands of people burn down their houses every year in tragic deed fried turkey-related incidents. Public awareness needs raising, stat!

richardcthompson said...

That would be a fine theme for a Washington Grove Thanksgiving Parade float (don't y'all have a Thanksgiving Parade?). you could maybe call it A Flash In The Pan.