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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Real Estate

This illustrated a Wash Post Magazine story by the genius polymath Joel Achenbach. Briefly, he hit a bunch of open houses on a Sunday, houses for sale in the DC area, each one of varying price and history. And wrote a great piece on what he saw. The former Nixon house is real, as is the asking price. Kind of a cool looking house, in a morbid, slightly creepy way.

My neighborhood is a mix of old houses from the 30s, 40s & 50s and new monstrosities squatting on land previousley occupied by old houses from the 30s, 40s & 50s. Our house is one of the few on the block that hasn't be at least added on to, and boy does it need adding on to. And a new roof, too. For my birthday I'm getting a storm door on the front entrance, so that's taken care of.


Jarrett said...

Ghost of Richard Nixon...I laughed out loud at that panel.

I've always wondered about people with very little yard space. All the new homes in Canada have such small backyards and fronts, expansion isn't in the plans.

Or is it?

I wonder how far you can build up? I mean, you own your X by X square footage...I wonder how high you can build up?

Someone should try it, like add on on 7-8 floors straight up.

nolanart said...

You know you are a fifty year old homeowner when all your birthday presents now come from Home Depot.

nolanart said...

And you are happy about it.

Beautiful drawing, Richard.

Kid Shay said...

Love the ghost of Nixon. But can you really put a price on creepy?

I knew a guy in Colorado who had the opportunity to live on a parcel of land bordering a state park. Problem was, he wouldn't have had enough money left over to build a house on that land. He considered living in a tent, but the thought of the cold, snowy winter was not as enticing as, say, indoor plumbing.