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Monday, October 1, 2007

One More Time With The Unsuccessful Cow Noisemaker, Then I'll Shut Up About It

Here are the last two of the sequence that was shot down. Someday maybe you'll read it in the funny pages and vaguely remember it and get mad 'cause it looks like the paper's reprinting old stuff then write a misguided letter to the editor. That's what I'd do. Heck, maybe I will.


Jim Borgman said...

I know a very little kid who cries everytime she hears Home, Home on the Range. The cool thing is that you know how to exploit these children for your own financial gain.

markheath said...

That does it. I'm heading out to buy a cow noise maker, and a recording of Home on the Range. I very much need to be financially exploited while weeping cow tears.