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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Old Cartoon I Still Like

Here's a cartoon that's about 8 years old that I still like. (I tried to post it earlier; if you're getting a blank space let me know, unless you really prefer the blank space, in which case keep it to yourself. Image swiped from Amazon's Look Inside the Book feature despite their evil spells). I might do a cartoon on Edward Hopper this week as there's a show of his stuff downtown that I have yet to see, and this one sprang to mind as inspiration. Or I could just cross out "Norman Rockwell" and write in "Edward Hopper" and hope no one notices. Don't tell.


hungrydog said...

But the realism of an Ed Hopper painting would make you suicidal, surely?

I do like him though. What's the one of the empty room? Is it called "Empty Room"? I think that's it...

Lovely light.

But morose.

Jarrett said...

"No man with a conscience can just bat out illustrations. He's got to put all his talent and feeling into them!"
-Norman Rockwell

Oh man...if there is an art hell, I got the first 3 rows reserved. The things I have drawn for money...bloody gross.

markheath said...

Love the Rockwell caricature. If Cul-de-sac needs an art teacher, you've found him.

Ponto said...

Is your portrayal of Mr. Danders based on Norman Rockwell? I think I see more than a passing resemblance.

Scott Nickel said...

Rockwell is a god...but so is Hopper...great cartoon...like my use...of...ellipses....?