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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Mini Golf

It feels like summer here in Northern VA. So let's play mini golf! Or is it putt putt, I'm not clear on the difference.

This is just another example of me foisting old stuff that 's already on my computer onto you, the discerning yet time-wasting blog reader.


Mike said...

I played minigolf this weekend at that course out beyond the beltway off Van Dorn Street. The one with two courses - desert and mountain? Nice courses, but they've really let the maintenance slide.

On reflection, I'll bet everyone was excited to read that. Ok, let's try this - somewhere in Wildwood, NJ, there's a course that has a pirate ship in it. Unfortunately it's just lying there and isn't an obstacle or a play-through or anything.

Scott Nickel said...

Real golf should be like mini golf. I'd love to see Tiger Woods hit the ball through a dinosaur's mouth or a little windmill.

Richard, please excuse my ignorance, but how long have you done "Cul de Sac" for the Post magazine?

Love the watercolors BTW

Ponto said...

So you think miniature golf is funny, do you? I lost my arm in the windmill in the old Rockville Putt-Putt. Not so funny, if you lose an arm. Well, I guess it was kind of funny, in a messy sort of way.

I finished the game, though.

richardcthompson said...

Hey Scott, it was in the Post mag for 3 1/2 years, all of them happy. Yeah, they should include one novelty obstacle on every professional golf course, just to make things interesting.

Mike, I've never been to the one on Van Dorn. There's a good mini golf (no novelty windmills or anything, just a nice, difficult course) over on Wilson. I hear it was refurbished recently.

Ponto! You're one tough golfer. is that one still there in Rockville? I haven't played on it in 30 years. I have a friend who was stationed in the firehouse across the street from it and he said they'd find little multicolored golf balls in the gutter all the time. He said they used to glue quarters onto the sidewalk then sit on the bench outside and wait for passersby to try to pry them off the cement.

Jarrett said...

I got kicked out of a mini golf once with a friend at Canada's Wonderland. That is our ghetto version of Disney Land. I tee'd up, swung with all my might and connected like a pro. It hit Fred Flintstone square in the face and that ball should be landing this winter or next spring. be 27 and immature again.

Ponto said...

No, the Rockville Putt-Putt's gone - all the landmarks of our golden youth are gone. The space is now filled with about 38 condos.

If you like pure miniature golf - golf sans windmills - Gaithersburg has a municipal course at Bohrer Park - here's an aerial shot I took from my blimp:

The course's web site:

I have played the course, and have never lost any of my remaining limbs.

Mike said...

Yeah, at Upton Hills regional park there's a course. I haven't been yet this year, but generally it's a good one. I'd challenge you to a match, but the next few weekends will be busy.

Mike said...

BTW, Richard is speaking at the Bethesda Writer's Studio next Friday evening.

richardcthompson said...

Ah, let's blow it off and play putt-putt.