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Friday, October 12, 2007


You haven't yet, Little Neuro, but time's running out! Those in foreign lands had better leave soon if they want to make it! Tonight at 7:30 at the Writers' Center in Bethesda. Type into your window up top for more information, news, traffic and weather.

Did I mention there'll be snacks? Well, there will.


markheath said...

I can't attend, but I'll definitely buy the DVD when it comes out.

Is public speaking old hat for you? Or is it a new hat that fits too tightly and still needs to be broken in?

richardcthompson said...

I'll send you the director's extended cut with the alternate ending.

I've done it now and then and it's OK, I'm not great but my audiences probably aren't so hot either (that's not true, but it's a useful attitude). Usually I talk and show slides and that's easy. Except last time when the screen was too small and nobody could read them and they chuckled kinda vaguely mostly out of politeness.

How about you? Why am I asking here; I should go to your blog and ask you there.

Rob Tornoe said...

I'll be 4 hours enough time to traverse the traffic and adverse weather from Delaware?

And I'm looking forward to snacks, so that better not be a tease!

markheath said...

except for one memorable time in high school (I'd go into more detail, but I have to leave something for my blog), never. Despite my resonate speaking voice, and the ability to hide behind my beard and glasses, my stomach twirls at the thought of public speaking. Now that I think of it, I did speak at a public school once, about the wonders of being a cartoonist. I did such a fine job that when I finished I was ready to quit cartooning.

Mike said...

Late breaking news: The evening was a smash success. Everyone who attended got a free watercolored Thompson cartoon to take home and two if they looked pathetic and mentioned that they had a cat at home.