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Monday, October 22, 2007

A Bigger Book

Anybody reading this? You should be; it's probably a lot more fun to read than the Michaelis Schulz biography and it's definitely more a labor of love. Reading this makes me want to be a strip cartoonist, and write about exotic locales & vertiginous adventures. And it makes me want to learn how to use a brush, and how to spell chiaroscuro without looking it up (I looked it up).


Scott Nickel said...

That's the thing -- the Schulz biography doesn't make me want to be a cartoonist...it makes me want to slit my $#@^-ing wrists!

It really does depress me...and that's not good.

Harvey's book sounds like a real labor of love -- as does mark Evanier's book (soon to be books) on Jack Kirby.

Why did I spend my money on the Michaelis book and not Harvey's?

What a blockhead!

hungrydog said...

Thanks for that: I had to look up the MEANING of chiaroscuro.

Toontune said...

I'm still back at vertiginous.

richardcthompson said...

Aw, I'm just showing off.

Hint to potential purchasers: if you order this book from RCHarvey.com, RCHarvey.person will autograph it for you.

Dembicki said...

That's a pretty good point, Scott. Actually, I always got depressed watching Charlie Brown cartoons as a kids. I rarely found it funny (I only found Snoopy funny). I guess Sparky's mood just oozed into the 'toons as well.

Mike said...

I talked to Bob a bit this weekend, and he did two presentations on Caniff. This is definitely a labor of love, and is probably an unduplicatable feat. Caniff and his parents were "savers" as OSU kindly puts it - you can read that as they never through anything, including junk mail, out. Most archives would never have anything like that, nor would they have saved it.