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Monday, January 31, 2011

Your Unnecessary Spot Illustration of the Day

I was looking for a caricature I did ten or so years ago of Mubarak but I couldn't find it, which is annoying because I've been tripping over the thing all that time, which might've actually been more like 20 years or even 30.

So here's this Blue Screen of Death, which I think was drawn for a Joel Achenbach column in the Post Magazine maybe five or six years ago. The thing I like is the stuffed toy on Death's computer with the x-ed out eyes.


chris said...

I hate the BSOD!BOOOOOO!I hate the BSOC even more! Its a great piece of art but its reminds me of a bad date that I had way too often with my CPU.

mike flugennock said...

Uh, ohhhh. Looks like Death needs to get a Mac.

chris said...

I thought death was Steve Jobs?