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Monday, January 31, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, January 27 to 30, 2011

Now, where were we?
Snow jokes, right. This might've been a little sharper if I hadn't shown the airborne snow in the second panel, leaving Dill's and Alice's reactions to indicate what was happening, But I like the idea of a snow blower trebuchet and I think it has a viable place in people's garages.
I redrew this a coupla times trying to make Alice as animated as possible and maybe one more time would've done it, but maybe not. Somebody, maybe S.J;.Perelman, said something to the effect that he reworked his prose to hit the perfect balance between the incoherent and the lapidary, and I know what he means. Or I did after I looked up "lapidary." And it was probably Mark Twain who said it anyway.

This started out as a parody of shampooese: the weird hybrid language used on hair care products. I was going to have a conversation entirely in shampooese but I couldn't figure out how to carry it off and have it make sense. So I used the old plot-counterplot trick and wrapped it up with Petey plotting out a chapter of Toad Zombies. And yes, having a small child washing her own hair with a possibly volatile combination of products is a Bad Idea That Should Not Be Attempted in the Home.


Sam said...

These are fantastic as alway! But I think that Petey's final line should be "they said". I'm not sure if you have a billion editors already snatching this stuff up before it goes into a collection but I couldn't just stand by and say nothing.

Sam said...

And I'm SO glad that my comment correcting your typo includes a typo.

mike flugennock said...

Hmm. Sounds like Alice isn't lacing up her boots tightly enough.

But, still... y'know what's even more disgusting? Snot crust. I never realized just how disgusting that could be until I grew a moustache.

Double ew.

habamom said...

snow blower trebuchet = awesome.