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Sunday, March 16, 2008


March is one of my favorite months. It seems to have more character than most months, with all the Lion/Lamb stuff, and during March the weather goes a littlte crazy. Which, as long as it's not too crazy, is just fine by me, especially as the Vernal Equinox hits around the 20th of March.

I did this Almanac poem to March about 8 years ago. The day after it appeared snow fell briefly in DC. It's the one instance of actual prescience I can claim. And I liked the poem enough to shorten it up and use it as a jump rope rhyme for Alice.

Here's another March poem which I falsely attribute to Carl Sandburg.

March comes in on Lion's paws,
Then more Sheepishly withdraws.,
Makes a big mess while it's here,
Drunk on green-dyed Irish beer.


Kid Shay said...

I will now always think of March as a clumsy, goofy giant.

I'm always amazed at how much writing needs to be cut for an average comic strip. This is a great lesson of that.

February will have to be a princess, because it's so cold you just want to stay inside, wrapped in blankets, drinking exotic tea.

richardcthompson said...

Yeah. And April's a big drip. And May is a cute & pleasant, but something of an airhead.