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Friday, October 17, 2014


It's time once again to alienate all of my friends and show some more images that were deemed unworthy of inclusion in the Art of book but I have scans so I might as well post them.

First up is a perennial favorite from Why Things Are.

Next, let's see some spots I did for Bono Mitchell.

That's me!

Well, wasn't that fun? And how! Now you'll have to excuse me while I round up some new friends, but watch for NOT IN THE BOOK V; RISE OF THE OMINOUSITY, when I run out of things to feed this blog again.

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Christine said...

The "gotcha!" resonates with my husband, who (now that he has PD) feels sympathy for the guy in those Dateline "catch the insurance scammer" videos. He's now the guy who hobbles into the hospital, painfully makes his way to Neurology, and by the time the docs see him, the meds have kicked in and they all marvel at "how well he's doing" :-(