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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, August 14 2011

Ernesto has been barricading himself in a carrel fort in a remote corner of the library for several summers now though this is the first time he's felt compelled to explain why he'd need to. This Sunday strip is the remnant of a string of dailies featuring Ernesto's latest decline and fall. This time he was caught by the Future Adults of America appropriating a box of doughnuts meant for fund-raising and subsequently kicked out. I think he started a competing group but I forget what it was called.

The origami jumping frog is a real thing, even if Ernesto possibly isn't. I like them so much I included one in the first published drawing of Alice (below), though they don't really look much like that. My wife can make them. She used to carry origami paper in her purse and would sometimes make things at an odd time, like when waiting for food in a restaurant. Then we'd all try to make the frogs  jump into someone else's drink glass.


el cornichon said...

'Amphibious assault' - hee!

Bhob said...

The Fortress of Carrel! I think Jonathan Lethem would approve.

Delphine said...

Send your wife a wink and a giggle from me- I used to do exactly the same thing. My origami frogs are a bit different, though.

Washington Cube said...

Like others, I also carry origami paper and make things in restaurants. I also use dollar bills.

With money, I've made a ring, shirt and pants and all sorts of oddball things. When a friend was moving away, a party was held and a money tree was the centerpiece. All of my financial offerings were origami.

Mateu said...

Yours is a great comic strip!. You deserved the Harvey award. Good luck and keep on with it!. I'd like to know more of your characters