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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ice Cream on Sunday Again

As today's strip is a repeat, this post is too.

This is the original, slightly different, version of today's Cul de Sac (you'll note I changed Britons to Picts in today's strip for increased historical accuracy). This is drawn from life, as we have a Baskin & Robbins about three blocks from the house, and I've never been able to eat an ice cream cone neatly. I can recall eating an ice cream cone once when I was about six and having my usual trouble with it, and hearing my aunt say to my mom, "How'd he get it in his socks?" It's a skill I've passed on in varying degrees to both my daughters.

Another thing I've always had trouble with is drawing food. When I try to draw it, I end up with a mass of lumps colored brown or green, with red specks. But I do like this drawing of an ice cream cone, drawn for the Diabetes Association about 20 years ago. I like the lumpiness of the background and the textures in the ice cream (pistachio?). I wouldn't care to eat that cone, as I'd probably drop it and kill myself, but also because I'm just not a huge ice cream fan. Usually about halfway through eating it I get bored with it and give it to somebody else. Now pie, that I'll fight you for.


Joyce said...

I’m with Petey; the safest flavor is always beige in a cup!

Paul said...

You've reached top of page 1 of the Boston Globe Sunday comics and rightly so. Cul-de-sac is my all-time favorite and I'm old enough to remember Snuffy Smith. You're pure genius.

habamom said...

wow! the one you did for Sunday has a much better last panel! way to improve upon yourself. Ruminating for years about the difficulties of eating ice cream definitely pays back.

mike flugennock said...

Awesomely hilarious, as usual.

What makes it funny for me is that everything Petey says about the physics of ice-cream cones is absolutely true. This is how I quickly mastered ice-cream cones as a young boy -- though I always was something of a science geek.

In my advancing middle age, however, I've come to prefer it in a cup.