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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Whole Cover

Here, courtesy of Ms. Caty Neis, Graphic Goddess, is the Whole Shebang.

I might try my hand at designing or counterfeiting paper money some time. I hear there's bucks to be made in that field, and drawing little ornatey curlicues sure is fun.


Doc Shaner said...

Looks great, really looking forward to the book, Richard. The watercolor on the cover is fantastic.

Doug said...

great! Do your blog friends get a special discount deal? purty pleeease?

Anonymous said...

Great layout on today's Cul De Sac.

Anxiously awaiting the special RT Gold Foil edition of the Treasury. Also, nice job on the Alice(s) on the cover(s).

gaudblogvrudaii said...

Looks fantastic! Can't wait to have it!

zero hour said...

beautiful my dear!!!! I will get any book u put out!!

Mike Lynch said...

Looks gorgeous, Richard. Can't wait to read insightful commentary! LOL!

Unknown said...

Richard, I have such mixed feelings about your work...on one hand, I think it is brilliant and unmatched by any working cartoonist. On the other hand, I hate you because I am incredibly jealous of your natural talent.

Sometimes I really wish you were a total dick so I could hate you without any guilt.

Mark Tatulli

Mike Rhode said...

You could issue stock certificates in yourself. They could entitle the bearer to one tour of Arlington conducted by RT Enterprises.

rich tommaso said...

I can't wait to see this book--I've read a bunch of your strips, but haven't read an Omnibus amount of it yet, looking forward to this collection!


Jesse F said...

Ever read Lawrence Weschler's slim book, "Boggs: A Comedy of Values"? I suspect you would find it quite inspirational.

Matthew Cordell said...


richardcthompson said...

Thanks to you all for the kind comments.

Doc, hey, I think I owe you one!

Doug, of course, I'll draw a clippable coupon, good at all bookstores, and post it.

Hoofdog, with the special hologram, butterfly-enclosure endpapers and this thing that tells time.

Gaud, hang on, breathe normally and don't fixate too much.

Patty, bless you!

Mike, lower your expectations, it's mostly drivel.

Mark, you are a nice and hugely talented man.

Mike, I'll draw a stock certificate to go with the coupon.

Rich, thanks and I read just about every wonderful strip on you site! More!

Jesse, I haven't and now I want to.

Matthew, thanks!