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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nature! Run!

I just did a sketch for a Cul de Sac about Petey being attacked by a flower, and this Almanac came to mind. Please pass this along to any kids you know, just in case.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

"Mucousy, larval, bladderoid"

Bwwaaahhhahahhaaaaa!!! (Spell check is freaking out.)

^_^ said...

Hey Richard! I just found your strip over at Go Comics and thought I' check out the blog! Your stuff is pretty amazing and inspiring :) keep up the good work!

JoshM said...

Spell check has no sense of humor. Imagine if Lewis Carroll or Dr. Seuss had to put up with such things...?

Vhrsti said...

Best to panic... :-D
Always great!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahah, very useful ! I'll keep the rhyme in mind in case i find myself in Nature someday.
The organic plant...bush...thing reminds me of the drawings of a comic illustrator from Belgium, André Franquin. And more precisely, of his "Idées noires" (Dark thoughts). Do you know his work ?