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Friday, February 17, 2012

The Unintentional Adventures Of Danders in Hi-Def 3-D, Part 3

Oh what the heck, here's the rest of it.
The end.

The Unintentional Adventures Of Danders in Hi-Def 3-D, Part 2

We return to our epic from days gone by, featuring a character unseen for some years.
It was right about here that I figured out that Danders is protean by nature; he's mutable, capable of infinite variation, surviving by assimilation and camouflage. Or maybe he's just so bland that he's forever confused for something or someone else. He's such a dull little lump that no one notices he's not what they think he is.

This strip cracks me up still, after 8 years. I think it's because he's lost sight of the whole point of his job, and I like his piratical gobbledy-gook.

Whatever, I still distrust talking animals.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Danders' Search for Love

Here's another Adventure of Danders, this one being his Search for Love, specifically a Lost Love. As I'm going away for a week I feel obliged to leave something lengthy for your enjoyment. This, like the previous Adventure of Danders, will be available in the Cul de Sac book, in full, living color, just as you see it here. Why do I post these huge excerpts from an unreleased book despite the fact that it may cut into sales because everybody's now seen it on the web? I don't know, good question.

Spoiler alert- the end is really sad, so, you know, brace yourself.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Inadvertant Adventures of Danders

This is from '04. It's the first of several series where the classroom guinea pig, Mr. Danders, would get out of his cage, usually by accident, and wander off school property. My favorite bit about this one is that in each episode Danders assumes a new identity. This'll be in the Cul de Sac book, along with a few other series, so consider this a sneak peek.