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Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Cover!

We have evidence a cover has been chosen for the Art of. And the winner is-

Jeez! That's a lot of authors for one guy to have! It seems wasteful. We almost used this image for the cover-

I like this because it reflects the confusion over selecting the cover for such a book- how do you boil something as amorphous down to one image? And what is art anyway? I hope this book has some no-nonsense answers, written in plain English.  You can  pre-order it HERE.


David W. said...

Not going to fall for that one. I'm waiting for the signed copies from. One More Page Books!

See, you've spoiled us. Now you're publisher is going to wonder why your preorders are way down.

sammy harkham said...

Excited for this, it looks great. Congratulations!

Dave T said...

Any chance a poster or something could be made of that turtle pic?