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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Heroescon 2013

I know some of you will be attending Heroescon in Charlotte, NC this weekend. I wish I was! And not just for a plateful of Mert's shrimp and grits! If I was in Charlotte this Friday evening I'd be at the 3rd Annual Drink and Draw, where miracle worker Chris Sparks has assembled an eye-popping collection of books and art to be auctioned off for Team Cul de Sac (haven't we beat Parkinson's yet?). Among the fabulous swag Chris has pulled out of his sleeve: a copy of Maus, signed by & sketched in by the legendary Art Spiegelman; the paperback complete Calvin & Hobbes, signed by the so-legendary-he-may-be-imaginary Bill Watterson; and original art by cartoonists Patrick McDonnell, Mark Tatulli, Terri Libenson, Dan Piraro, John Hambrock, Jim Borgman, Ron Ferdinand, Bill Holbrook, Brian Bassett and Mo Willems.
Wow! What an array of fabulous swag! Of course, since it's Drink & Draw, the place will be crammed with artists, amateur and professional, doing just that! And the results of their labors will also be auctioned, the proceeds going to Team Cul de Sac! While you're out wandering the convention floor be sure to look for Chris's table at the address below. He'll have all kinds of stuff, including about 40 copies of Richard's Poor Almanac! Please say Hi to Chris for me, and find out if he's figured out a way to fedex plates of shrimp & grits directly from Mert's.


Peter Dunlap-Shohl said...

Drinking and drawing always bollixes up my drinking.

paul bowman said...

Are you saying Bill Watterson isn't imaginary?

Robert Cook said...

You know, I have that boxed Calvin & Hobbes set--the earlier three volume one--and the only thing that's missing next to it on my bookshelf is a similar boxed set of the complete Cul De Sac!

How about it? Anything in the planning for something like that?

Well, yes or no, thanks for the great characters, the humor, and all the BEAUTIFUL drawing!

Robert Cook said...

D'oh! You'd think I'd have learned of the wonders of the world wide web by this time. I googled "Complete Cul De Sac" and see that such a volume is indeed pending, with an early Spring publishing date!