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Friday, February 10, 2012

Westminster Dog Show

I drew this in early 2003 for Washingtonian Magazine, one of the few pieces I did for them. Every year when the Westminster Dog Show rolls around, like clockwork, I forget to post it.


Chris Z. said...

Love it, I can see a touch of 'Big Shirley' in those.

Mike said...

Wonderful stuff -- Mother Nature and the helix should be a poster for the AKC. No, I guess they might not go for that.

Vaska comes from a kennel with a long record of Westminister appearances, and last year his favorite auntie was #3 among ridgebacks. You get nothing for being #3 except that your nephew is impressed and so forgives you for playing so rough with him that he had to wait an extra week until the swelling went down before he could be placed.

For me, it is a combination of pride and horror -- pride that the breed looks so good among the hounds, horror at the suspicion that Mother Nature is losing her grip on that helix.

Brian Moore said...

The "Isn't she well-groomed" dog is fantastic.

Darlene said...

Ha ha ha! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)