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Monday, February 27, 2012

This Week's Cul de Sacs

This week's strips come to you courtesy of the mighty drawing & writing hand of the Fake Rockstar himself, the man with the Angriest Eyebrows in the business, Mr. Corey Pandolph. In just 40 short years Corey has produced enough good comic strips to circle the Earth twelve times. But that's the tip of the iceberg. Let's look at his resume, which I've here shortened because it was intimidating me-

•14 years experience in cartooning for print and on the web.
• Worked on syndicated newspaper comic strips with both United Media & Universal/Uclick.
• Successfully put two books of strip collections into print through self publishing and sales.
•At one time, successfully wrote and produced 4 separate daily comics for print and web.
• Used my knowledge and experience to realize a dream of regularly contributing to MAD and The New Yorker magazines.
• Often referred to as the “Johnny Cash” of comics.
• 10 years experience writing and editing comedy for web and print media outlets such as, The Bollard, Casco Bay Weekly, Drink at, and The Adirondack Daily Enterprise.
• Produced, wrote and directed sketch comedy shows at several venues in Portland, ME.
• Continue to perform original storytelling on stage at several storytelling shows in NYC,
including Adult Education, RISK! and Family Hour with Auntie Sara.
• Current producer and host of my own monthly storytelling show at Luca Lounge in NYC.
• I built my own house.
Speaking as cartoonist I find the last item galling. I'm comfortable with the stereotype of the cartoonist as a clumsy schlub so flummoxed by the basic laws of physics that any task more complex than changing a light bulb reduces him to a puddle of flop sweat. But this Corey guy looks like he bats out a few dozen strips, plays with his dogs, sells a cartoon or two to the New Yorker, gets a little drunk and builds his own house. In the Adirondacks. With a lovely view. Also, John Hodgman once bought him a drink.

I so need a life, or a view.


Robert Gidley said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't recognizing this week's guest artist, and Corey wasn't signing the strips.

pq said...

And he's been doing a great job. BUT... i have to say that even the best substitute just illuminates how amazing the REAL Cul de Sac is. There's such a perfect balance of sweet, outrageous, real, hilarious, and warm in your strip that I don't think anyone else can replicate. Good a job as Corey is doing, I can't wait for you to finish your pie and get back to work! (And hopefully feel much better from your treatment.)

jaq said...

I don't usually read this (or really any) blogs, but I had to seach to see what the ***k was happening to the strip. I too am not pleased with the change. Really poor drawing, and just not well written.

richardcthompson said...

Wait'll I get my mitts on it!

Nancy McGuire said...

That's why I am reading this blog too. All of a sudden, the drawings started looking like they had been outsourced to some third world sweatshop and I wanted to know what the heck was going on. I remember reading about your Parkinsons in the WaPo mag. All the best to you. I hope the therapy goes really well. I am grateful to the folks filling in for you, but it just won't be the same until you are back with us.