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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Final Cover

Dorothy O'Brien, et al at Andrews & McMeel did all of the work and Chris Sparks made me post this. I just do what I'm told*.

And so should you. Go order this, or at least bid a lot at the auction this summer.

I'm reliably informed by A.j. Michel that this is an example of a Droste effect. That's the new thing I've learned for today.

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Catherine said...

The reference to the Droste effect in the home page blog is interesting. The name stems from a 1904 ad for the chocolate product that we first met when my father’s Dutch colleague gave my sister and me a Droste chocolate apple for Christmas. Read about it on Wikipedia. I have always thought of it as the Land O Lakes butter carton effect. I regarded it a little less fondly when I later heard that there was a hidden naughty visual joke in the image involving the Indian maiden’s knees on the cover’s Droste effect image. But I still buy Land O Lakes butter and ponder the infinite receding image phenomenon.