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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, July 5 2011

Alice has a small history of putting together guidebooks (badgers), but this was mostly an excuse to use a music staff nib to draw something. In this case, water. These nibs aren't hard to find (Barnes & Noble has some in their stationery section) but they're of kind of limited value, unless you want to draw something five times at once. Or line a music staff, if people do that anymore. The nib looks like this-

and it can be a bugger to get all five nibs firing simultaneously. Usually getting just one to behave is all I ask.


mike flugennock said...

Thanks to Alice for this valuable public service...and, cool onomatopoeia on the twitching/spinning kind.

David Hagen said...

5-pronged nib and back-scratcher!

ShyTimes2 said...

At first I thought that was some variety of spork.

Ian W. Johnson said...

That looks like a very handy way to do some cross-hatching.

Muzition said...

I'm a musician, and when I write music, I use pre-made staff paper.

My word verification, appropriately, is "singers."

Colin McNamara said...

I noticed yesterday that the comic Speed Bump had a reference to Cul de Sac, and the Buckets is in a storyline that, yesterday, had a kid who looked a lot like Dill show up.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

Wet grass is kinda creepy.