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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac for the Last Week or So

We seem to have lost track of what's going on for the last month or two (and this isn't even today's Cul de Sac). Let's partially rectify this by cramming a week's-plus of daily strips into one belated post.

I've got to admit that when I drew this I wasn't too sure what would happen next, or how it would end.
When in doubt on this strip, it usually helps to add Dill.
But here Dill is not of much help.
In fact, he's no help whatsoever. Though his demented wasp bit was fun to draw. it's always good to drop in a little showstopper like this during the week. And lets throw in some more characters.
As some may recall, Alice got a bit of a crush on Andre when they first met last summer
So she's ready to be impressed. And Dill's not ready for anything.
I gave a talk at Heroescon in early June and I mentioned something I figured out about Petey, Andre and Loris during their cartoon camp last summer. Petey's a comic by Chris Ware, Andre's a comic by Jack Kirby and Loris is manga. I had a hard time here not expanding on Andre's warning, like "Great will be my wrath! So says Andre!" and stuff like that. Fortunately I ran out of room.
And Petey comes to a conclusion just in time to miss the whole epic adventure.


Stephen said...

I can look at your comics all day. Wait, I can't. My wife tells me I'm supposed to be helping her clean.

But I want to.

Roto13 said...

I don't know if Petey is quite depressing/depressed enough to be a Chris Ware comic.

Chris Sparks said...

This is one of my favorite weeks worth of CDS.
Genius + Awesomeness =
Richard Thompson

I am not good at math but I know this is the formula to the best comic around!

Julie H said...

I love reading the comics AND the process! More Andre!

Washington Cube said...

Andre reminded me, in part, of Andre the Giant, R.I.P.

For me, at least, it was interesting (and fun) to speculate about a child who grows up to become a wrestler.

Redhead in Rapid said...

one of the best stories yet.

Ian W. Johnson said...


fritzoid said...

With these strips and the diatribe about the clouds on June 19, Dill seems to be getting a little aggro. Who would have thought Dill would be the first to snap? I guess even the most easy-going can only be pushed so far...