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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac

When I drew this one I fussed with the background too much, putting in all this crosshatching and textured greys and all that mess. In a sudden fit of disgust and lucidity I blotted it all out with black ink. Nice, tasteful, simple black ink. Dr. Ph. Martin's Hi-Carb Black Ink to be specific.

There, that's my tale of drama, conflict and resolution for today.


Cravens said...

I simply (and quite frankly) love this one.

Thanks for being so damn good, Richard.

Miguel said...

It's hilarious! Can't wait for the treasury and the next collection.

Agentflit said...

Cool, that's my favorite ink!

Agentflit said...

Oh, I forgot to mention it was a certain Mr. Bernier who got me using the ink, it's a lot of fun to use with bamboo skewers.


Ted Dawson said...

And it worked! Looks awesome.

I've done the same thing a hundred times, but by the time I decide to fill it up with solid blacks, it's always too late and I've ruined it.

Kasey said...

That's wonderful -- I love it. "I can't sleep with all this tension." That's perfect. Your strip is amazing. I have to get your collections. Thank you for battling all those deadlines to give people like me the pleasure of that one moment of recognition.

Kelly said...

heheh this was one of my favorites :) the solid ink looked great!


Miss Abigail said...

Bubsey Clownpants still has me chuckling, and I read it this morning! Loved this one.

Lesley Vamos said...

Bahaahha - brilliant!! ^_^