Monday, April 5, 2010

UPDATED Chris Sparks and Me and My Big Mouth UPDATED AGAIN

UPDATE- Here's the whole darn thing in 7 (seven!) parts. Bring a snack.

My friend Chris Sparks (comics fan extraordinaire, cheesemonger, web designer, Ashevillian) made me answer questions into a microphone a few months back. Here are 3 of 4 parts of it (hint- I'm the one who mumbles): 1, 2, 3. The whole thing runs about 14 minutes, though I haven't listened to all of it yet. The part where we get into a big fight about Popeye is epic.
And here's part 4. Part 5 will appear when it's been properly vetted for language.

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the cheese guy said...

The whole interview is around 50 minutes. I am slowly adding it to youtube for the fans. Ive done the best to cut out the fights of who gets to ask the questions. The original interview was 2 hrs. After editing someones language...hummp.. 50 minutes was the best I could do!