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Friday, October 12, 2007

Deadline Disaster Fun-Time Literary Limerick

So my big idea for the Almanack cartoon that's due today fell apart into little pieces and I had to think of something else. Which seems to've turned out OK so far, though it could head south any minute.

Seems like a good time for a Literary Limerick!

Though donnish and quite dignified,
Tom Eliot once versified,
On the greenish-tiled wall
Of a men's restroom stall,
He signed it and then flushed with pride.

1 comment:

markheath said...

how in the world did you know that ts elliot is an anagram for toilet? you're a polymath.

I'm hoping you'll explain how your almanac idea fell apart. I know how my spot strips fall apart (in the same way that planes occasionally fall out of the sky -- a giant pocket of nothing where the air used to be.) What happened with yours? the punchline wasn't working? The idea seemed razor sharp when you conceived it, and became increasingly dull as you applied it?